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I'm so excited for you guys to meet one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, inside and out. I cannot tell you how much I miss seeing this pretty face everyday and wishing I could dress half as cute as she does. I know you will love her!

Hello new friends! I'm Chelsea Munizzi from www.chelseamunizzi.com :)
I have a site titled Shellsea where I paint lots and lots of watercolor art and have them available for YOU to have, they are all featured on my Etsy. My dear friend Kristen (who used to work with me at Forever 21 when she lived back home and I miss so very much) was the sweetest and asked if I could share a little on what I've been up to!
As you know, I'm an aspiring watercolorist and just started sharing my artwork with the world only a few short months ago! I never saw myself doing anything like this, let alone have a URL of my own name! But my heart is truly to share my passion using my whimsical brain in hopes that it would inspire and uplift those who see my work...So I just went for it!
A lot of the art that I am currently working on is inspired by literally every single thing I see and feel through out the day. I'm a beach girl, born and raised in the sunshine state, so I try to keep my laid back beachy feel to shine through my art. And at the same time, I want your mind to escape reality and relate to it in your own way. So take a look below at a few of my favorite pieces that are available on my Etsy :)

Painting is my heart and I would LOVE it if you joined me on this journey. You can follow my blogspot at ChelseaMunizzi.com, where you can view my portfolio, purchase artwork, contact me, and read what I've been up to. I’d love to meet you and am always looking to do custom work! Thanks so much for reading and hope you enjoy :) XO 
Chelsea Munizzi
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