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That one time that we hated our apartment...

After being in the Army Hotel for over a month, we got a call yesterday that our housing was ready.
Problem #1: We have been wishing and hoping and praying and begging that we would get to live in the new housing on post. They are 'town homes' while all the other housing here are apartments. We didnt get one of those.
Problem #2: The one area of housing we were dreading getting, was of course, the one we got offered. They are the only places that are off post. Its only about 5 minutes away, and they are HUGE apartments compared to all the others, but they have a bad rap for being the crappy apartments.
Problem #3: Our apartment is next to a playground. If you look out our bedroom window you are eye level with a jungle gym. Sweet, if you have kids. Sucky, if you enjoy quiet and have no kids.

I dont want us to sound stuck up and greedy and I am trying SO hard to keep my Hubby from going nuts with rage over this. But our first apartment, years and years ago was horrible. A total 'first apartment' and we hated it and swore to never be somewhere like that again. Then we moved into our next place which was gorgeous and amazing and we were so proud of it. We worked our butts off and totally earned that nice apartment. Now we are back to square one. Even worse, we know a few different 18/19 year old guys that got offered the new housing. People who have never had a  real job until the Army and have never worked for anything in their life. Sucks right?

I was a horrible blogger and didnt take pictures when we were walking through it. I was too busy trying to say things like "Oh but a nice big rug and bright curtains would make it look nice in here" so my husband would keep his cool. We have a giant wrap around balcony that Monster will love once shes here and tons of space for her to run around inside but...barf.
We were going to go on a trip this weekend for Hubbys 4 day weekend but now we are off to Ikea first thing Friday morning after we move outta the hotel. We have no furniture so we get to start all over and I hope we can make the apartment as close to 'ours' as possible. We already decided theres no calling it "our place" its officially "that one place." So we practiced what we would ask our friends on the weekends..."Hey, wanna come over to that one place?"


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