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Where is Target when you need one?

We are officially in our new place and loving it! However, shopping for household items in Germany has been ridiculously frustrating. Especially without a car. We have loaner furniture for 90 days that will have to do until we find furniture we love. We were so excited for Ikea in Germany and it sucked! We couldnt buy a bed because Germany has different bed sizes. No Twin, Full, Queen, or Kings. They have Single, Double, King, Super King. We wanted to buy nice furniture to have when we ship our stuff home in a few years, and american sheets wont fit these. The selection at this Ikea was so minimal compared to the ones back home. Nuts right? We finally got curtains last night at H&M Home so people wont be able to watch our every move anymore.
Sunday I locked us out of the apartment for the first and last time. Im surprised I didnt have to sleep on the couch after that one.

Goodbye hotel!

Moving day

Our kitchen

View from the balcony

View from the kitchen

Ikea lunch

We went to our first Euro Club Saturday. SO weird. It was called Cocoon and the dancers were butterflies and cocoons. Its all house and techno music and it was packed but the only people dancing were older people. So disappointing.

Look who we found at Saturn (like Best Buy) Dobby!

I really wanted to buy him, but 2000euro was a bit much.

And this guy from Lord of the Rings

Yesterday we took a break from the stress of horrible luck with house shopping and went to Frankfurt Zoo, which Ill post pictures of tomorrow :)
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