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Fridays Letters-Instagram Edition.

Dear Hubby,
Im sorry that when the couch color you wanted wasnt in stock, I jumped right in there and picked out my own/ordered them :) Thats what happens when you almost fall asleep on one of the couches.

Dear Germany,
You are pretty.

Dear house,
No more disgusting military loaner furniture in the living room! Delivery truck is on its way!

Dear Ikea,
Epic fail on your part. How on earth can I open these when obviously I had no scissors to begin with if I needed three pairs from you.

Dear Monster,
You will be on your way soon :) :) :) A real world traveler! and Ill have my spooning buddy back!

Speaking of puggles, Dear Hubby again,
I ordered this special surprise for you. Be prepared to have your mind blown. I may have also ordered a pug statue as well.

Dear H&M,
I love you. Thanks for producing super affordable clothes that are cuter than everything elsewhere. And for having 2 stores on each block.

Dear Hubby again again,
I know you were trying to prove a point in Ikea that our giant rug could fit on the smallest dolly ever. I got so much enjoyment watching you push it throughout the store, struggling, but trying as hard as you could not to let me see that.

Dear food in Germany,
My Nutella will never run empty.

My small sized Pork Fried Rice will never be finished. Not because it wasnt delicious but because it weighed like 5 pounds.

Mcdonalds sugar packets will never again be eaten on a Mcdonalds initiation ceremony created by Hubby after realizing how gross these are.

Dear Blog Buds,
Check out this layout I did yesterday!

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