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Fridays Letters-Instagram Edition.

Dear Hubs,
I had so much fun this past 4 days off with you :) Can you just never go to work. 

Dear hot weather,
Thanks for allowing me to wear this awesome shirt. and these awesome shorts. and sandals.

Dear Hubs,
Sorry you couldnt take all the baby ducks home with us. Maybe next time!

Dear Florida,
We missed you so much that I made biscuits and gravy with some sweet tea. 

Dear Batman,
We saw you in our first German theater last night. Such an amazing movie. We felt like we were in Gotham as we were walking back to our car, looking up at all the buildings.

Dear Wiesbaden,
You are seriously one of the most beautiful cities ever. You must be. I am in awe everytime we go into town.

Dear stomach,
You must be so happy after having such amazing meals the past two nights. Youre welcome.

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