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Fridays Letters

Dear Hubby,
I convinced you to start reading Hunger Games and after months of persuasion, you read all three books in a couple days. Now you wont stop referring to us as Katniss and Peeta when you dont get your way. I cant even count how many times you said "You know, youre acting like a real Katniss right now" this week. Its awesome :)

Dear week,
I am glad you are over. After 6 long days of staying up all night until 7am, Hubby was luckily put back onto day shift starting next week. No more waiting up all night on the couch for him to get home, sleeping all day until 2pm, and having him leave at 4pm. We can finally have a life and explore Germany again :)

Dear weekend,
I hope you are amazing. I know you will be.

Dear Ikea,
WTH. We spent 3 long hours picking out everything we would need for our house, and when we go downstairs to find everything, we cannot find a single thing. And when we try to ask for help, not a single person speaks english. Not one. So we left you. 3 hours wasted, you suck. You suck, you suck. Better luck next time.

Dear Friendsssss,
I promise to take tons of pictures as we explore this weekend. I hate how boring this here blog has been for the past week or two. Its because life was that boring. Seriously. Go check out the new sponsors this month!!

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