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Fridays Letters

I seriously cannot believe its Friday already. I do a post Monday and have all these posts planned throughout the week and I wake up and its Friday. No more slacking! I promise to be a better blogger soon.

Dear Hubby,
I love when you quote Hunger Games. I really really do.

Dear Wiesbaden,
You are the prettiest town. Thank you for the amazing weather on Hubby's days off :)

Dear Ikea,
Thank you for bringing out my inner Tim the Tool Man Taylor. I built a couch, chair, coffee table, and side table while Hubby was at work. I promise to have pictures up our newly furnished home once I get some paintings on the wall! Its coming together great though :)

Dear Hubby,
Best find ever. A man after my own heart.

Dear Germany,
Hubby hates your thin crust pizza with fancy toppings. I however, am obsessed. Salami, onions, and mushrooms....oh muh gawd.


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