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Let the traveling begin?!

I don't know how many times I have mentioned the fact we STILL have no car but all this waiting is about to come to an end! We sold our car before the move here and after weeks of searching over here, Hubby decided to order a new American car and have it shipped over here from California. Let the waiting game begin. For those of you that don't know the process, let me explain.
The car took 4 weeks to be driven from the factory in California to the military shipping port in Baltimore. Then the car sits and waits a few days for a cargo ship to pick it up and its journey across the sea begins. Roughly 20 days later, it ends up at the port in Germany (5 hours away from us) and is unloaded that same day. A truck will then drive here to base, stopping at other locations on the way, which roughly takes at least another week to end up where we are. I have been tracking our ship on a marine webcam (obsessive, whatever.) and got to see our ship get in to port yesterday! :) I cant find our car but now we have a week until we can finalllyyyyy drive here!!!

Some more good news....Our tourist  passports just arrived so we can finally travel outside of Germany now!!!

With all of that said, I am looking for a camera bag/purse to bring along once we start traveling. I am in love with a few bags from JoTotes but wanted to get some input from you guys! What do you carry your cameras in? It seems like it would be much easier to get a camera/purse so I wouldn't have to carry around both a bag and purse everywhere. Have you found any good deals anywhere? 
This is the bag I have my eye on so far...

 Should I go for it?
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