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Our first time in a German movie theater.

We've been in Germany for about 3 months now and had yet to step foot into a movie theater. Needless to say we missed overpriced popcorn and awkwardly sitting super close to random strangers. I was most concerned with that part because a lot of people here don't wear deodorant and sitting next to one of them for 2 hours would definitely make me vomit all over Christian Bale's cape. But once I saw that Joseph Gordon-Levitt had such a big role in this movie, I had to suck it up. Almost 3 hours of his face is beyond worth it. (Hubby if you are reading this, Jessica Alba obsession. enough said.)

First things first, we had to find a movie theater that actually plays movies in English. We found one in this whole town that plays one english speaking movie, one night a week, with only one showing that day. It was in a back alleyway and the box office was inside and smaller than my living room and it was jam packed. I dont know if Ive mentioned it before, but AC is not allowed in Germany. There are heaters galore, but no air conditioning. Now imagine a packed living room, 90 degrees outside, half the people smelling of BO. appealing right? (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
Your price of ticket depends on the seat you choose. Which means everyone has an assigned seat which didn't make any sense to me until later on. The lady assigning seats hardly spoke english and insisted we get a "couple's seat" which was 11 euro a person. RIP OFF. 

I really wish I would have taken a picture of our seats. It was pretty much a love-seat with no armrests so you can get optimum closeness with your loved one. It was also near the back so I don't even wanna know what goes on in those seats. Not worth 11 euro. The movie theater was actually pretty cool (AC wise) and once the lights went off it felt nice.

I felt like we were in an actual theater and kept wondering if it was a real life play and if Joseph Gordon-Levitt was really there to put on the show. All the previews were 100% in German. Everyone would laugh and comment on what they had seen, so we had to laugh even louder as we had no idea what was going on. 

Halfway through the movie, while Bane was effing things up for Gotham, the lights come on and the curtains close...uh...what? Intermission. This is the reason for assigned seats. Germany you are weird. I had to pee since we got there but didn't dare try to find a bathroom in that place and good thing because the move starts back up again with no heads up. 

Overall, crazy experience when you have no idea what to expect. We will definitely be back. Prepared. Bladders empty. With no couple seats to be had.

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