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Sponsor WTF?


Why sponsor WTF?

Since the big move to Germany, blogging and blog design has become my job. I now have the time to help promote your blogs on a daily basis! With that said, I am now going to be accepting paid sponsorships through PassionFruit Ads. This way I am able to afford to do paid sponsorship with blogs with a much larger following, allowing more traffic to WTF and your pages as well!

Average Stats:
GFC Followers: 1180
Pinterest Followers: 950
Twitter Followers: 575
Posting: Average of 4 times a week

If you are interested in sponsoring Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, please purchase the ad using the Passion Fruit widget at the bottom of the page! Your ads will rotate with each page refresh, giving everyone equal exposure! I look forward to partnering with you :)

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