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What we decided on...

After hours of debate, we finally decided on furniture and last Friday it was delivered :)
No more crappy Army loaner furniture.
No more boring, colorless, uncomfortable house that didn't feel like a home.
No more going to Ikea, arguing because no one speaks English in the warehouse.
We did it!

Now I was planning this whole time on a rustic feel with all neutral colors but once we got there, all plans went out the window. Hubby fell in love with a red shag area rug and since he didn't get to pick anything else out, I let him get his rug. I'm so sweet. :) It looks like a ton of grey in the picture below but with the rug underneath and the red knick-knacks for the bookcases and throw pillows I want, its coming along!
Do you think we need a contrasting color? Hubby has his eyes on bringing some light blue into the room but I'm torn. I know we look like we are obsessed with our Puggle, but its totally because we are 100% obsessed. There might also be at least 3 Star Wars prints going up. Don't hate us cuz you aint us. Once we get some decor going on, I will take tons of pictures!
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