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Fridays Letters-Instagram

Dear Hubby,
This is the third time a stray cat has mysteriously followed you into our house. 
Once in each place we've lived...
so I highly doubt these cats aren't being persuaded by you. 
I love how much you love animals and I'm sorry we couldn't keep him.
 Maybe the next one?

Dear Germany,
It has been way too hot this week to live in a country that doesn't have air conditioning.
 Please go back to your 70-80' weather :)

Dear Henry Ford,
We find more and more features on you everyday.
We just figured out you have your own WiFi network. oh mah gawd.
Best. car. ever.

Dear Germany,
Banning Microsoft products? Seriously now. 
Good thing we just bought a new Xbox and don't have to worry about that.
Otherwise we would boycott you right away.

Dear Hubby,
I had and always have so much fun with you at the zoo.
Lets take all the animals home with us next time, k?

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