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Fridays Letters

I cant believe its Friday already. I literally woke up thinking it was Wednesday and don't know where this week has gone.

Dear Hubby,
Thanks for spoiling me this week and taking care of me when I was sick.
And for this delicious lunch.
And for taking me shopping.
And cleaning and cooking while I was resting.


Dear Army,
Thanks for making it SO unbelievably difficult and annoying to pick up our car.
After sitting 2 hours in the DMV you messed up our paperwork, adding another hour onto our already long crappy day.

Dear Car,
You are amazing. Everyone, meet Henry, Henry Ford. The newest member of our family :)

Dear Germany,
Im so excited to start exploring you. Last night at midnight we took a ride and found the longest winding road. The type of road James Bond would test out his new cars on and it was so much fun.

Dear House,
First thing hung on our walls. Total win.

Dear Blog friends,
There is going to be an amazing giveaway on Monday! make sure you come enter!


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