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Fridays Letters

Dear Hubby,
Thanks for these amazing mugs that are being used as we speak.

Dear Hair,
Please come out how I want you to. Going lighter is the scariest/trickiest thing ever. Lets do this thing.

Dear cutie-Asian-bloodwork-lady,
Thanks for baby-ing me so much after I told you I hate needles. Despite Hubby's eye rolls you put this pink heart bandaid on me after. We showed him!

Dear Legos,
Thanks for keeping my Hubby and I entertained for hours on end.

Dear Wiesbaden,
Despite all house decor stores we found, nothing was amazing enough to take home. Boo on you. I hope Frankfurt has something better to offer tomorrow.

Dear Hubby,
Im glad we are eating so much healthier lately. Even if my version includes tons of cheese. P.s. look at my amazing omelette skills on my first try. Boom.

Dear Germany,
This is our first weekend exploring hours away from our comfort zone. Be kind to us and point us in the direction of plenty of english speaking people. Im excited to FINALLY bust out my camera that has been stupidly forgotten in the closet for 2 months now.

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