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Anniversary Day 2


D and I are those crazy "animals are better than people" creeps so when I found this place online I knew it would be perfect. Fanasarie isnt really a zoo. You walk through a forest and down every trail theres a different kind of animal behind a fence, in its natural habitat, with tons and tons of room to roam 'free'. From what I could understand some rich guy bought this land that used to be hunting grounds to preserve the animals and that is amazing in my book. It was also free and one of the most fun days I've had here so far.

When we saw these bears, Im pretty sure D was about to cry. We are obsessed and have never seen them this close, let alone in the wild. 

I flipped out when I saw these because the sign in German translated to Reindeer. Then I got home and realized they were regular old normal deer. But still amazing to pet and feed them nonetheless.

He is totally kissing this goat right now. Im telling you, we love animals.

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