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Anniversary Weekend Day 1

Neroberg Mountain and the Russian Orthodox Church.

We had no idea how to get to our end destination. 
My 3g network disappeared once we got into the forest so we just parked at the edge of the woods and started walking through a trail. This was the best day I have had here so far.
Hiking up a mountain, in Germany. Seriously, how cool is that?
The weather was perfect. The tallest, greenest trees that went forever in every direction.
So much fun and I can wait until Monster is here and we can go hiking with her here.

We stumbled upon a real life Never Never Land. 
I cant wait to come back and do this course that went on every direction as far as we could see. 

A war memorial

After about 35 minutes of walking in the forest we found the area the church was in,
but the view we found was a thousand times better and so breathtaking.
You can see the entire town of Wiesbaden up here, and we had fun picking out all the buildings we pass by everyday.

The Russian Orthodox Church.
Built in 1855 by Duke Adolf for his 19 year old Russian Princess wife after she died during childbirth. He grieved so much he built a church for her. Eerie but so romantic, no? 

Stay tuned for Day 2 of our anniversary weekend :)

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