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Help send Monster home!


As many of you know, we had to leave our dog back in the states when we moved here.
I FINALLY found an airline that will fly our Puggle unaccompanied overseas 
but its going to cost us over $600. Holy shmokes. But totally worth it.

All of my blog funds (sponsorships/blog designs) have been and are still going straight into a saving account for Monster in hopes that we can send her here in November before it gets too cold for her to fly. 

So if you'd like to sponsor WTF for the month of October, 
I will give you 20% off. Just use the code MONSTER for your discount.
Here is the Passion fruit link to set up your spot--
Any help is greatly greatly greatly appreciated! 
Spread the word to your friends and help us get our Monster baby to Germany!

How can you say no this smushy banana face?!

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