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What Ive been up to lately...

My husband working the night detail for the past few months has been torture.
Seriously, he works a 16 hour shift and gets home at 7am.
Then he sleeps until 2pm and gets ready and leaves an hour later.
No life here.

But guess what. 
He has one night left.
Say it with me.
Let it sink in.

ONE NIGHT LEFT of the worst shift ever.
And then we can travel and go on adventures and have a life again.
And I wont be the worst blogger ever anymore.
Tons of travel pictures, funny stories, outfit posts, and delicious food pictures are coming your way.
Get ready. 

Now here's some instagram action from the past few weeks :) You know you missed it.

Craft fair.

Decorating bookshelves finally!

Best blueberry Redbull ever. They have cranberry and lime here too.
Be jealous America!


The winners :)

Pogs!! We are bringing it back old school.

A much needed Harry Potter marathon.

And finally, a bike painting monstrosity.
If this ever gets finished there will be a post.
It will be ridiculous.

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