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2 important announcements.

On Saturday in Germany...

It snowed!!!
I woke up and looked out the window then proceeded to act like a giddy 5 year old girl.
Then I realized its only October and snow is already here?
This means that A) I'm never leaving the house again.
and B) We spent 100$ on the warmest blanket on earth.
It has been in the 20's all weekend so spending too much money on a blanket is totally justified.

I also didnt take any pictures because I suck.
But next time there will be hundreds. Just you wait.

We spent our day freezing our butts off and spending the rest of our paycheck at Starbucks.

Doesnt hubbys face just scream happiness?

Beanies are officially my new favorite thing.

Second announcement.
He will be coming home from work to steak in a blue cheese sauce and Paula Deen's butter pumpkin cake.
And all the spoiling he could ever wish for.
And the best wife ever?
Isnt he lucky!
Look at that handsome grin of his.

Did you enter the HUGE GIVEAWAY yet?!

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