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Blog savings and my new favorite meal.


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We need to save up as much as possible to bring our Puggle to Germany next month-- 
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I really appreciate every single one of you that has helped out so far.
You have no idea how much it means to us to have our dog back with us.
Its been almost 6 months without her here :(
Thank you all <3

On another note, I had my first 'real' German food this weekend.
What took me so long, I have no idea. 
Probably all the amazing salami pizza and bagels I've been scarfing down.
Jaegerschnitzel with Mushroom Sauce.
Ermahgerd. This was a small portion...I could have totally eaten the XXL portion.
...next time.

Not only was dinner amazing but the view made it perfect.
It was one of those days where I say "babe...we live in Germany."
Because its still the most bizarre feeling.

We went to the largest Japanese Garden in Europe...
which got me all excited for this huge garden and turned out to be a big pond with fish.
And a really pretty waterfall,
but fell short of our expectations.

Yesterday was in the 30's all day and raining. 
I was frozen all the way to my bones, Im sure of it.
I need to gain at least 5 pounds before winter starts or I'm going to freeze to death.
Today was my first time using the heaters. Woot woot.

We spent the day in Starbucks and then our favorite bagel cafe,
reading magazines and watching the crappy day outside.

What did you guys do all weekend?

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