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Europa Park

We have been missing theme parks like k-razy. 
Europa Park is only 2.5 hours away so we finalllly woke up and just had to go there. 
It is the biggest theme park in Germany and the second biggest in Europe, after Disney.

The mascot was a mouse and they had so many of the same ideas you see at Disney...
Pirates of Batavia (same exact ride as Pirates of the Caribbean),
a teacup ride,
the whole park was different countries in Europe (just like Epcot),
with an Epcot ball dressed up as a pumpkin,
Sleeping Beauty's castle,
 jungle cruise ride,
I could go on and on. 

But they also had a whole land for Hansel and Gretel,
and some of the most entertaining/creepy Halloween decorations I have ever seen.
Stay tuned later this week for a post on 'German Halloween Fails'
they are amazing.

On the way there, we were so tempted to just keep driving another 2 hours and end up in Paris but we are saving that for Christmas :)

They kept playing Nightmare Before Christmas songs throughout the park.
No one seemed to know any of the songs, but Hubby and I belted out every word.

D dressed as my knight in shining armor.

Wodan Timbur Coaster. 
A viking wooden roller coaster with the best name ever.

A piece of the Berlin Wall...

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