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Fall favorites! Part 2

1) Pumpkin Festival in Ludwigsburg, Germany. 
They make sculptures out of pumpkins. It's AMAZING.
2) Oktoberfest in M√ľnich!! I've got my dirndl pressed and ready to go!
3) Grape picking at a German riesling vineyard on the Rhine with my girlfriends. 
And, of course, drinking copious amounts of wine thereafter.
We Took the Road Less Traveled

1. Getaways. A totally different type of relaxing to Summer getaways
2. Winter pyjamas straight out of the dryer 
3. Getting warm by a fire
Miss Pinches

1. Watching college football
2. Wearing boots and jackets
3. Pumpkin flavored everything
This Won't Hurt A Bit

1. Finding out which country we'll be moving to in November.
2. The beginning of winter swell (surf) season.
3. Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festivals.
Mi Todo

1. The colors changing. 
2. Halloween!
3. Everyone's obsession with all things pumpkin.
My Three Bittles

1. Cuddling in comfy sweaters.
2. Making s'mores while sipping pumpkin spice latte's.
3. Christmas being right around the corner!

1. Pumpkin Spice-anything!
2. The colors of New England Foliage
3. Walks on the beach with my dog, Coconut
Madcap Style

1. Chunky sweaters
2. Delicious spiced and spiked apple cider
3. Praying like heck for the return of Spring?  Pretty please?

1. Snuggling under the blankets on cold wintery (we usually skip straight to winter in England) 
weekends with my boyfriend and pets.
 2. Hot chocolate with a thousand marshmallows.. every single day
 3. Gorgeous Autumn knitwear. I love layering, and cold weather fashion is my absolute favourite. 
There's nothing better than a woolly cream cardigan on a freezing day.
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