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Halloween fails and a win.

Germany has only been celebrating Halloween for the past few years.
Nuts right?! And they don't do Thanksgiving either.
But I'm pretty sure it's because they go all out for Christmas.
The stores are already putting out Christmas decorations and I hear the whole town will be decked out in lights. Then there's the Christmas Markets, oh the Christmas Markets.
I can't even imagine how amazing they will be.

But back to Halloween.
I haven't seen any traces of it in town yet, but
Europa Park had every inch of the park completely Halloween-ed out. 
We walked in the front gate and Nightmare Before Christmas songs were playing,
mummies and cobwebs were all over, and every pumpkin in the world were lining the walkways.

This poor excuse for a jack o lantern...Fail? Or is it so wrong that its right.

They had these crazy shaped pumpkins all over.

And the corn creeps. Oh how we loved them.
I may have had nightmares about them that night, but they are amazing nonetheless.

Then as you walk through the fairy tale land,
all the Disney princess dresses were hung throughout the trees.
Extra creepy. Extra fail?

I cant even look at this picture now.
Are these not the scariest group of guys you have ever seen?
Lowering a casket into the ground. My eye always goes to the guy on the left.
The scariest/grossest I've ever seen.

They even had a Halloween parade.
But halfway through, it came to a stand still and random people would just go up to the floats and talk to the characters and hop on board.
This would never happen at Disney. Complete chaos I tell you.

Costume fail.
The least scary skeleton zombie ever.

Happy Merry Halloween?

Overall, it was a win.
I think all the fails made it SO much more fun.
All my fellow overseas friends, do they celebrate Halloween where you are?

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