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Its ridiculous...

Its ridiculous
trying to attempt an outfit photo 
and having it become the most awkward picture of your entire life.
why am I leaning to the side.

Its ridiculous
how much money we spend at this Starbucks every week.
A grande is $4 back in the states and 4 euro here.
Which makes it about $6. for a cup of coffee. ridiculous.

Its ridiculous
that the language barrier here is getting more annoying now,
when it should be getting easier.
It took us 10 minutes to explain what a 'plain' bagel was
when it was posted on the menu.
Shouldn't you know everything on your own menu?

Its ridiculous
how amazing Farmers Markets are here.

Its ridiculous
how many sex shops are in Germany.
One on every block in town.

Its ridiculous
how much tea and starbucks Via there is in this house.
Thanks to D's aunt, we have a literal years supply of pumpkin spice Via :)

Its ridiculous
how GORGEOUS it was outside this weekend.

How was your weekend?

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