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New things.

Lots of exciting things are about to happen with this here blog of mine :)
Giveaways, scheduled posts, new sponsorship options, and all kinds of craziness.
Thanks to each and every one of you for reading everyday and just being amazing overall.
I can't believe how much this little blog has grown!

Here is my latest blog design for the gorgeous Candace of Hippie at Heart

"Notice anything different? My little blog got a make over and I'm head over heels for it. First and foremost a HUGE thank you to one of my favorite bloggers, Kristen at whiskey.tango.foxtrot for making my bloggy dreams come true. I emailed her yesterday (thats right yesterday) and today I have a brand new look or in the words of Patti Labelle, I've got a new attitude. I had a blast working with her and she brought my vision to life. I'm one happy girl. If you are in the market for a new blog design I would totally recommend Kristen. I couldn't be happier." 

Don't forget, custom designs are 20% off right now to raise money to bring Monster home!


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