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Pink on the Cheek

We're off to our first German/Europe theme park,
the biggest one in Germany and 2nd biggest in Europe!

Lauren from Pink on the Cheek is here to save the day with some fall favorites:)

Happy Fall everyone!
This is my favorite time of year when the weather starts getting cooler and the leaves start changing colors. 
I only wish it wasn't so bloody hot right now in Orange County so I could actually wear layers again...not shorts and tank tops!
But soon enough it will be colder...
I am obsessed with Pinterest, like most of you are.  I don't know how you couldn't be?!
Here are some of my favorite fall Pinterest finds.
Source: marthastewart.com via Julie on Pinterest

Source: classy-in-the-city.tumblr.com via Edna on Pinterest
Source: bing.com via Summer on Pinterest
Source: funnypics221.net16.net via Merry on Pinterest
Source: Uploaded by user via Carolyn on Pinterest
Source: lilluna.com via Nicole on Pinterest

Basically if it's orangey-rust colored...it just screams FALL! 
I love pumpkin flavored anything:
cream cheese, yogurt, waffles, bagels, pancakes, coffee, ice cream, bread...
the list continues and I will try them ALL. 
So that is my favorite finds for Fall. See you around the pumpkin patch!
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