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Judging a book by its cover.


I am going to step up on my pedestal today and talk about blog design.
Before you think "Ew boring, run away" and leave, hear me out.

The FIRST thing you notice when you click onto someones blog is the design.
No matter how amazing the content is, if your page is lackluster and boring, I wont stick around.
Sorry to say that, but I'm very visual and if something isn't visually appealing it loses my attention.
There have been times where I go to someones page and go "holy crap, this page looks perfect" and add them to my GFC right away. It makes me think that person has their stuff together.

If you are starting a blog or have had one for while but don't feel like its really going anywhere,
I'm telling you, a clean well-designed layout makes all the difference.

Look at your blog like a business.
I always think of Kmart vs Target.
Kmart bores the crap out of me when I walk inside. Which is why I've only been inside maybe three times in my life. Target on the other hand, always has a theme and makes me want to spend some serious time in their stores. (I miss Target if you can't tell.)

As many of you know, once we made the big move to Germany 
I could design blogs over here full time.
It has become the most amazing job, because I get to be creative and work with so many amazing ladies.
I also get to work from home and put 100% of my time into making your blogs look exactly how you've always dreamed...did my head just grow? Gross. 

At Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Designs I have always tried to keep my designs at a reasonable price.
I tried to come up with a price that I wouldn't look at myself and go "oh my gosh, Id never spend that much money on that" and still know I'd be getting my money's worth.
For a complete custom design right now, it is only $65.
The turn around time from start to finish is 2-3 days on average.
I work with you every step of the way until you love your new design 100%.

Not 100% convinced?
Here's a few testimonials from some lovely ladies that I have worked with in the past:

"First off.. lets talk about this blog design... I am in love!! It was designed by whiskeytangofoxtrot and she did an amazing job. She is reasonable, fast, and will work with you until you have the design that you absolutely love. What more could a little blogger like myself ask for." --anna lizbeth blog

"For the last few days I have been working with the amazing Kristen from WTF Designs. She has been so helpful and easy to work with, she made this a great experience. I am 110% in love with my new design and if any of you need/want a new layout please go see Kristen!"--kyle and jen

"First and foremost a HUGE thank you to one of my favorite bloggers, Kristen at whiskey.tango.foxtrot for making my bloggy dreams come true. I emailed her yesterday (thats right yesterday) and today I have a brand new look or in the words of Patti Labelle, I've got a new attitude. I had a blast working with her and she brought my vision to life. I'm one happy girl. If you are in the market for a new blog design I would totally recommend Kristen. I couldn't be happier." --hippie at heart

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