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Remember remember the 6th of November?

This was supposed to go up yesterday so the title would have made more sense,
if you have seen V for Vendetta. If you haven't--go watch it now.

Meet some of my gorgeous, lovely sponsors for November!
I wanted to do something different this month and write their bio's myself :)
They are also sharing their favorite posts from last month with you.
Head on over to their pages, you won't be sorry!

MacKensie is a runner and marathon trainer. Interested in learning about Paleo?
She's the girl you need to go to for any questions or delicious recipes.
She also has the cutest pup, Ziggy Stardust, and the BEST outfit posts.
 MacKensie's favorite post can be found here

How do I even get started on Mish? Need a laugh to brighten up your day?
Every post of hers is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
Her and her super hunky boyfriend are about to literally TRAVEL THE WORLD.
Is she lucky or what? Follow her along on her adventures. Do it.
 Michelle's favorite post can be found here

Want to meet the hottest pregnant mama ever? Look no further.
Seriously, her bump updates are insane. Abs still showing over baby bumps are hard to find.
Jamie is also a MilSpouse and every Monday she interviews a new fellow MilSpouse on their duty station.
Most helpful idea ever for us newbies!
Jamie's favorite post can be found here 

Cynthia is one of the sweetest bloggers I have come across.
Seriously, some of that needs to rub off on me.
Her and her boyfriend have been together over 15 years and 
if that doesn't convince you of how amazing she is,
she has a food blog that makes me drool all over the keyboard.
 Cynthia's favorite post can be found here

Setarra had me at hello her about me section.
"Setarr(pronouced like the Starra in the Skya)"
Seriously, how clever and cute is that.
She is a dancer, living in NYC, what more could you want?
Setarra's favorite post can be found here

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Go here for rates and sizes!

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