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My extra lazy week of lazy.

Besides knocking out 6 blog designs from start to finish,
I have had the most least eventful week.
Nonetheless I am exhausted and refuse to leave this couch. 
The cold weather and nonstop raining don't help at all.

Neither does our new Grizzly Bear blanket that I carry around everywhere.
and you better believe I've had Christmas movies on nonstop.

On Halloween we attempted to see The Campaign.
We were the only people there so they cancelled the movie 
and gave us 4 free movie tickets and 2 large bags of popcorn for free. 
I say that's a win. Breaking Dawn here I come...for free :)

While we were at home watching Hulu,
my super hot mom was dressing up for work.

I rearranged our living room,
I think I'm finally happy with it. I hope.
We have no kids and tons of Legos and action figures.
Sorry I'm not sorry.

This super bare wall will be covered soon and I'm excited.

I scored this bear head for $40 instead of the average $200 I have been seeing online.
I want to paint it all light blue I think and put it above the couch with frames and other knick knacks.
Any advice would be nice :)

And last but not least,
I have been cooking (and eating) tons.
That's what happens when you don't own a microwave. and I love it.
Here is steak with a blue cheese onion sauce and some good ole' mashed taters.

It's Sunday and everything is closed in Germany,
except Starbucks...so guess where we're off to?
p.s. How do you like the new look around here?

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