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What the cuss?


Oh, hey guys.
I am still stuck to this stupid couch.
The freezing cold crap-fest going on outside doesn't help.
Hubby had me leave the house all weekend to get some 'fresh air' but I chattered my teeth to bits and I'm pretty sure all my bones were frozen for a few hours.

This has been my view for the most part.
Do you have this game yet? Cuz holy crap.
I hate Angry Birds but they went all out and how could I say no to Star Wars?

My hubby is amazing. 
We are both re-reading the Hunger Games series and its my favorite thing ever.
Hunger Games references galore. And we are back to calling each other Katniss and Peeta.
Except last night he was being a real Gale so I was mad at him.

When I'm not moving from the couch,
I am dreaming of this place all day.
8pm cannot come soon enough. Im officially 90 years old.

Finally got my Starbucks hot cocoa fix.
And I'm pretty sure we sat behind Alicia Keys and Shakira.

Twilight still isnt out here.
What the cuss. I have to wait until November 23.
Mcdonalds decided to put out Twilight Bubble Tea flavors and Bella sounds delicious.

Little brother black mail is the best.

My lumberjack Hubby wants a baby tree this year so we can grow it by next year.
Sounds like too much work, eh?

And finally, the Christmas Markets are being set up already.
I was too cold to look up at the tree so I took a picture for later.
Seriously, I'm so cold.
Who decided to station some Floridians in the arctic tundra?
What happens when its snowing and raining and more freezing here?
I'm never leaving the house again.

Sorry for the lack of posts and commenting and vanishing off the face of the earth.
I should start doing posts on how many Gilmore Girls episodes I've watched lately and 
how messy are usually spotless house is. 
It's an episode of Hoarders up in here. 
Be back soon I hope!
Is this month not flying by or what?!

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