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An update on Monster-butt

Remember this perfect pug-nosed, perfect face?
If you don't or if you are new here, this is Monster, our Puggle.

She got left behind in the states when we moved over to Germany.
No airlines would fly her pug-nosed butt over here in the summertime so she had to stay at my mom's house.
Don't worry, she is getting spoiled beyond belief, but we want our baby with us.
We WERE going to fly her alone over here in November, and it was going to cost us about 700$ before taxes and any other fees the airlines love to tack on.
But then we found out we were pregnant and spending 700 plus dollars didn't seem too smart when we have so much needed new stuff to buy now. AND I really really really really really want to visit home.
If I fly WITH Monster, its only 150$ for her ticket so why not kill two birds with one stone?

So now I am trying to find the cheapest flights possible from Frankfurt to Orlando for February.
If my military ladies have any tips or advice, please share!
(Space A will not fly dogs so that is out of the question.)
Or if any of you know someone that can hook me up, feel free to let me know :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas,
the Germans are celebrating Boxing Day now so Christmas is still going on. 
Stores are closed and all that craziness again.

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