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Attention all mommas!

All right stop, collaborate and listen.
If you're a mommy then we need your attention...
Ice ice baby.
Yes I just went there.

Today I realized I'm 3 months already.
3 months people. I only have twice that amount of time left until there's a baby pooping and screaming in our house. So needless to say I am freaking out because I don't know where to begin with buying things or what I should be doing right now, other than being planted to the couch and eating bean burritos all day.
Oh, and lemons, those are the best too.

I am teaming up with the amazing Surai (totally sounds like a legit magicians name) I can say that because I decided we are new best friends today. And I think she has the coolest name ever. and she's worried our babies will be sumo-babies and never need the newborn onesies we planned on buying.
We put together a survey for you all on the main topics we have NO idea about.
Once all the results are in, we will have another post to share with you, with all the top answers!
Pretty nifty and amazing if you ask me.
Now a word from my new bbffl:

Sup party people!?!? 
My name is Sarai (pronounced Sur-eye) and I'm a wife to a banjo playing redneck, stepmom to 2 awesome kids who call me Momma Rai [watch out now! coolest name EVAAA], dogmom to 4 little pups ranging from a pit to boston terriers, yea we're crazy like that, and a new mom-to-be!!! 
I'm 15 weeks along but this belly seems to think further (or maybe that's the fries?). I haven't bought maternity clothes yet because I'm super cheap and...well, just super cheap. 
This is my first bio-baby so shopping for him/her is...umm, a challenge to say the least and I'm completely lost on where to start! 


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