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Christmas Market

The Christmas Market is FINALLY open here in Wiesbaden!
We plan on visiting a few different ones since each towns is different
but here is a glimpse of our first ever trip to one:

There are rows and rows of little shops 
full of handmade Christmas gifts and decorations.

These wood carvings were some of our favorites.
I want them all.

This ladies and gentlemen,
is a waffle covered in hot Nutella.

I don't think I've ever looked happier.
Despite how freezing cold I was.
Here's a closeup for you to drool over.

Hubs just got powdered sugar on his
and was super upset about it after tasting mine.
Horrible decision.
Who on earth would choose to get something without Nutella on it.

And then yesterday morning,
guess what we woke up to?

My first real snow in yearsssss.
I was a giddy little girl and Hubby was miserable.
He gets to work outside in this all next week.

Every time I go outside I feel like Randy from A Christmas Story.
25' doesn't sit well with me yet.
"I can't put my arms down!"

What's the weather like back in the states?
Amazing as usual?!

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