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Weeks 5-11

I wanted to start these posts so I can look back a million years from now and get all "oh my glob you guys, I used to eat what?!" And to keep track of what's going on so far. Thank you all for the sweet comments and congratulations you've been sending our way!

October 29:

D's birthday. I took a pregnancy test because I had a "feeling" something was up.
It was a big fat positive.

October 30: 5 weeks

We told my mom about the news! Its the scariest thing ever telling your mom, even when your married and not 16 years old anymore. She sent me a picture of her using a walker that she's had lying around at work for when she finds out shes a grandma. She'd like her and my dad to be called Glamma and Glammpa. Best names ever.

November 11: Got a flu shot.

My first shot since middle school. An hour after, my heart started pounding and racing over 100bpm. Got to stay overnight in a German hospital all by myself. My first time in the hospital since birth. I never want to end up there again. My heart rate is still in the 90's, over a month later. Yay for being anti-vaccine now. and having a needle stuck in your hand for over 24 hours.

November 14: 7 weeks

Today was our first appointment and ultrasound. The baby is the tiniest thing ever but I got to see the flickering heartbeat. German doctors are actually really comforting and the office was so relaxed. D refuses to believe this is a baby at this point. Oh, and my boobs are the biggest things ever. Score!

November 22: 8 weeks

My face is disgusting. I am nauseous but no vomiting at all. Its Thanksgiving and I was super worried I would not be able to enjoy any food, but today is the FIRST day in weeks I could eat 'real' food and ate plenty of mac and cheese to make up for it. All I want to do is lay in bed and on the couch all day. I have no energy for anything lately.

November 29: 9 weeks

Oh hey hair growing at the fastest rate ever. I'll shave my legs and arms and by the time I go to bed its like I haven't shaved in days. D likes to tell me about it. often.  I am all about Nutrigrain Eggos. Meat grosses me out beyond belief. Especially chicken. I am so thankful that D doesn't mind eating cereal and easy foods right now since cooking is terrible! Oh, and cereal is my best friend right now. Especially Krave and Lucky Charms.

December 6: 10 weeks

I am CRAVING Olive Garden more than I could ever explain. Too bad that wont be happening anytime soon! German food does not sound appetizing ever. Steak and california rolls usually sound good to me. Puffy Cheetos are the best. D has been amazing. He constantly tells me how much he likes my fatty baby pooch and brought me Cinnabon last night so I would not have to cook dinner. Best husband ever.

December 12: 11 weeks.

No nausea, still SUPER exhausted but now I can't sleep at night because I have to get up to pee so many times. I am at 109 pounds which is the most I've weighed in my entire life. I wish I could live off of Cookies and Cream ice cream and Taco Bell 5 layer burritos. Seriously, those burritos, nothing tastes better. Announced the baby to the world today after a great doctors visit and ultrasound.

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