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18 weeks.

I have been horrible at writing posts lately.
I spend all day on the computer designing blogs but the time I once used writing posts has turned into registering for baby and pinning nonstop. Its sick.
You know what else is sick? The fact that you lose about 5 pounds of blood when giving birth.
I've also been reading too much about labor and refuse to learn anymore about it.

I can now feel my entire uterus which is the coolest thing ever these days.
Yep, big uterus' are now cool.
Hubs doesnt understand what all the fuss and keeps asking when I'll have a real baby belly.
Psh. That belly has gained 6 pounds so booyah.

I just can't wait to start feeling kicks because I really don't even feel pregnant,
besides the occasional dizziness and I'll just go ahead and blame being so lazy on the baby.
It WANTS me to spend all day on the couch, doesn't it? ;)

Our next appointment is next week and I can't wait to figure out if its a girl 100% or not.
We got lucky and it's also my birthday that day so Hubs got the whole day off.

P.S. I fly home in less than 2 weeks and Monster will be returning with me!
I will be eating Arbys and Olive Garden daily so I will definitely have a real baby belly when I return.
Your welcome hubs.

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