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Nursery ideas anyone?

It's weird how when you find out your pregnant,
you and hubs suddenly become baby crazy.
Every conversation turns into something baby related,
and you find yourself searching for baby stuff all day online.
Ask me how many times I've walked in on the hubs searching for nursery ideas and baby carriers.
(which is the cutest thing ever btw)

But we finally have a name picked out and have started on our woodland themed nursery! 
Hubs even made a mobile and lamp for her, out of branches, felt acorns, and felt hearts.
Seriously, the sweetest thing ever, and I can't wait to share actual pictures with you guys of how great everything is coming along in there! 

But for now, here is our inspiration board:
mint bear   ikea curtains   fox pillow   bear rug   bear print   felt acorns   owl plush   chevron crib sheet   deer print

If any of you have shops with anything bear, deer, owl, woodland creature related, PLEASE share with me so I can purchase some of your products asap!!


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