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Take it from me, husbands just don't understand.

Can I just say how awesome it's been having a German OB?
We get an ultrasound at EVERY appointment,
she's given me a couple books to read here and there,
and she is seriously the nicest, most calming person ever.
Unfortunately, I will be without her at a German hospital with midwives delivering the baby.
They also aren't big on epidurals here, so from what I hear, if you beg and plead for one,
they will wait and wait to give it to you. Yikes.

After reading this post from Ashley over at Sweet Tea In Sicily,
I realized I had so much to share on pregnancy so far, that I had to write one of my own.
I am going to let it all out there, embarrassing as it all is, it's all against my control.
Hear that husband?! I can't help what my body wants to do.

This is where I bust out in song,
"So to you all the kids all across the land,
Take it from me husbands just don't understand."

1. Hair Growth.

I have always envied how fast most pregnant women's hair grows...that is...the hair on their HEADS.
I never knew about the rest of their body. 
I have this super-attractive fuzz on my entire belly. My husband likes to tell me about it,
in case I haven't looked down and noticed it already. How sweet. 
I shave my legs and armpits and the next day its like 4 days have gone by and since I'm too tired and lazy,
I refuse to shave consecutive days in a row. I always get caught on the off day with a tank top and my arms up and get a horrified-disgusted loving, sympathetic look thrown my way from the sweet husband.
I like to yell at him and say "I SHAVED YESTERDAY" and he just laughs.

2. Teenage acne.

Remember this guy? The hilarious pizza face from All That, with his trusty sidekick Ear Boy.
If they started that show back up, they could totally cast me as Pizza Boy.
I used to be able to count the amount of breakouts I'd get each year on one hand. I got comments on my clear skin all the time and totally wish I would have appreciated it more.
Ask me how many times a week after I complain about it, my Husband goes "well, did you wash your face today?" and I like to just yell out "IT'S HORMONESSSSS" 
Because I'm convinced there's nothing I can do to help this. Any helpful tips would be great?

3. Peeing at night.

Yep it sure has. I pee alot throughout the day, that tends to happen when your baby-filled uterus is sitting nicely on top of your bladder. However, once I hit that bed, I have to be prepared to get up at least 4 more times to pee. The best thing ever is when I wake up to pee in the middle of the night after you see this:

 Anyway, somewhere between the 3rd and 4th pee-run, Husband likes to either scoot over all the way onto my side of the bed, OR to pull all the covers to his side. Then the next day HE tells ME "you took up the whole bed last night" or "babe, why are the covers all messed up."
It's a good thing I love him so much. and that he brings me home Sour Straws all the time.

4. Food cravings and aversions.

Omggggg. I have been craving and OBSESSING over Olive Garden Alfredo sauce and bread sticks.
Sadly, there is not a single one in Germany/Europe. I've checked numerous times because I would fly there just for this. This picture makes me want to throw up because of how amazing it looks.
I have only been craving American foods. The top 5 I mention daily are:
1. Olive Garden
2. Arby's
3. Kobe's Japanese Steakhouse
4. Panera
5. Outback Steakhouse
There is nothing even close to any of these places here. I can't wait to visit home and gain 45 pounds.
I will eat my weight in Alfredo, Arby's fries, and Panera bagels.
My husband is craving all of these along with me. 

Aversions: I don't want pizza but I'll eat a whole bag of pizza rolls.
Coffee used to be my go to every morning, now it sounds good maybe once a week.
Eggs gross me out but I force myself to eat them.
Chicken made me gag for months and now I can finally eat it...only if it's breaded.
Soda is disgusting, unless its my daily ginger ale or a Cherry Pepsi, in a can only. I hate how it tastes in a bottle now, and I loathe any fountain drinks.

5. Bodily Functions
I don't know if I just don't care about burping now that I'm pregnant or I can't help it...or maybe a bit of both. However, I have the loudest burps now. I let them out whenever I need to and Husband hates it lol.
Oh, its okay for him to let one out whenever needed, but when I do it's like hell froze over.
"You burped in my food!" was a reply I got the other day. And is making me die hysterically laughing right now. There's also the good old first thing in the morning pee, where any gas leftover from the day before relieves itself. I am thankful that Hubby is gone by the time I wake up and isn't there to witness this. I can't even imagine his response haha. I bet I'd get a "BABE, SERIOUSLY?!"

And there you have it. My top 5 things for right now that my Husband and I weren't expecting or ready for.
I know it seems like I picked on him alot in this post but he's been so sweet and putting up with my mood swings and exhaustion from day one. I've been lucky enough to have no morning sickness/constipation really at all so far! Anyone have any of these same issues now that they are pregnant or had them in the past? What else can I look forward to?


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