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What I've been up to lately....

-First off, I booked my trip home and Monster will be returning back to Germany with me!! 
I can't wait to see my family and eat as much Olive Garden as possible.

-We found out our little growing bubby has 80% certainty of being a....GIRL!
Hubby was super upset because he wanted a boy so bad, but now he couldn't be happier and hopes that at our next visit we aren't surprised at some boy parts that have grown in since. 
We also have a first name picked out and are debating between a few middle names :)

Have any of you been told its one sex and then it turns out to be the other?

-This baby bump is still pretty much hiding at 16 weeks. Here is 13 weeks v.s. 16 weeks:

-After tons of list making we registered for the baby! It is impossible to find anything here for babies that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and Bookoo has been my best friend, but I need some Target in my life. 
I can't wait to start getting the nursery taken care of and feeling more productive!

-Food, food, and more fooooood. I'm always starving and cooking and eating. This salmon recipe will hit the blog soon. Hands down, best fish I've ever had. And you better believe I scarf down at least one bean burrito a day. 

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