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I'm home!

Seriously, where did that last month go? 
I felt like I was in the states for maybe 2 weeks! 
Here we are 5 weeks later. I have so many designs to catch up on which I couldn't be more excited about.
We got to see our Bubby on an ultrasound yesterday.
My belly feels HUGE now. And is constantly growing! 
Monster is officially a German dog and has claimed her spot on our couch and bed.
Here is a little of what I have been up to in pictures...

Walking into my mom's house to decorations and posters from the brothers once I was off the plane.

Buying as many baby clothes on sale as possible. Seriously, I filled up an entire suitcase of clothes for her.
And there's another huge box coming in the mail. It's safe to say she is set until 6 months.

Going to the brothers' baseball games and dressing them up like creeps afterwards.
The cutest thing ever is watching 5-7 year olds running around on a field with tiny bats and uniforms.

Cuddling and spoiling this cutie butt. D is officially the happiest ever now that he has her home.

Growing a belly. Its officially a prego belly and no longer a food baby! 
Here's weeks 21, 22, and 23. Just wait until you see it now at 25 weeks.
I can't wait to start sharing more about this little bubby thats been going crazy flipping around inside of me.

Having my flight delayed 2 days later because of a snowstorm in Germany. 
The first and only one that has happened since we moved here a year ago. Go figure.

Thank you all for your emails and tweets asking where the heck I have been and making sure Monster and I made it home safely! and for sticking around while I have been completely MIA for 5 weeks!
What is new with all of you? What blog posts do I really need to catch up on?!

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