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Nursery Sneak Peek


I cannot tell you how amazing my husband has been with everything this pregnancy.
From telling me how much he loves my belly, to decorating the nursery by himself! 
While I was gone he had not only decorated but MADE some of the decor. 

He made the butterfly wall hanging in the first picture,
the wooden lamp with felt acorns, and the mobile.
He's now sanding and painting our glider.
The bottom pictures, frames, and lantern are from Ikea, which he surprised me with when I got home.
He's amazing.

This nursery is turning into the cutest thing ever.
Just waiting on our rug and crib sheets to get here!
Can I be a brat and complain though that our bedroom is completely bare and we've lived here almost a year. But the babies room has taken no time at all.
New priorities for sure!

 When I got home, the best package was waiting for me from Jennifer of Simplistic Living.
I met Jennifer after doing her blog design a few months ago, and since then she is always checking up on me and is SUCH a kindhearted person.
Seriously, she went out of her way to go on my registry and surprise me with some of my top items I had wanted! I don't know if its the pregnancy or what but I was teary eyed when I opened that box.
It is one of the sweetest things someone has done for me/us.
If you are not following her already, you need to run to her blog now and do so.
Sweetest girl ever. 

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