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My Maternity Style: Third Trimester


Ever since this bump has started to grow, it has been a struggle picking out an outfit.
Nothing is long enough, all my pants are too small, and I wasn't feeling cute no matter what I put on.
Now that I am starting the third trimester, and the weather is warming up, I am finally figuring out what I feel good in, and most importantly what I feel most comfortable wearing.I am all about my husband's beanies, simple curly hair, and being 100% comfortable all day as this belly grows.
Thanks to HM I have stocked up on fun leggings, comfy tees, and sweaters. I only own one pair of maternity pants and 2 tops. I plan on keeping it that way!

Maternity Style

Maternity Style by krisygm88 featuring black leggings

Any maternity tips? What are you moms-to-be wearing this spring?

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