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35 weeks!

Worst angle ever. But here's the baby bump and I, in Paris!

How Far Along: 35 Weeks. Only 36 days left!

Size Of Baby: 5.5 pounds, size of a big coconut! 

Maternity Clothes: Down to the same 4 outfits everyday. I refuse to buy anything new now!

Weight Gain: 22 pounds (ah!) 

Stretch Marks:  Not yet!

Sleep:  Horrible. I didn't sleep at all this week. Feeling very restless and my hips are hurting when I lay down most nights.

Best Moment of the Week:  Disney in Paris!

Movement: Once I lay down at night she doesnt stop and she loves to wake me up in the mornings :)

Cravings: Taco Bell. Which has been my vice this whole pregnancy.

Gender: Baby Girl!

Belly Button In or Out: I call it my belly nose now. Its still not all the way out, just puffy.

Wedding Ring on or Off: On!

What I Miss: Being able to workout and have a flat belly. But she's totally worth it :)

What I am Looking Forward to: Movie and date night with the Hubby this weekend.

Labor Signs: Tons of Braxton Hicks every day. At one point this weekend I walked so much I thought the contractions would never stop!

Symptoms: Always ready for bed and always hungry.

Nursery:  All done :) Pics will be up soon!

Emotions:  I cant believe its only 36 days left. Seems surreal that she will be here so soon. And of course, starting to get scared about labor.

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