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Fathers Day Cards with Cleverbug

Being stationed overseas can make some easy tasks into difficult ones. The post office being a huge one.
Especially since our military base is split into 3 different bases, in 3 different locations. Of course the post office is located on another one and seeing how Hubby takes the car to work, I am left stuck at home most of the week, unable to run errands. Luckily, Cleverbug has helped out with that this week!

The Cleverbug app was MUCH easier to use than running to the store, buying a card, buying stamps, and driving to the post office myself. I could do everything from the couch which my pregnant hips were super thankful for as well. It uploads all your Facebook friends birthdays and events, and gives you a huge selection of cards to choose from that you can edit however you would like. It even automatically takes that person's images from Facebook and plugs them into the cards for you. 
You can send a Cleverbug card right from your phone in 90 seconds in various ways:
-As a high-quality printed card with envelope and stamp included
-Or a free 3D digital card that can be sent as an email, SMS text, tweet, Facebook post or pin on Pinterest.
Oh, and your first card is free!

Here is the card I made for fathers day. It was fun and easy to create it, and within minutes I received an email letting me know it was being printed and shipped out today. 

The Cleverbug app is not only free, but your first printed card is free! 


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