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The Past Weekend

For the first time in what seems like over a year, Germany had amazing weather early this weekend.
It was in the 70's, sunny, and gorgeous outside. We headed to a festival downtown and I cannot wait until all the wine festivals in August, when I can finally have a few drinks again! (and finally walk for more than 5 minutes without feeling suffocated lol) I also can't wait to take the baby to the zoos in town and the local parks. It's the weirdest feeling knowing there will be a baby in the house soon. Seriously, we couldn't be any more excited and anxious for our lives to change so much!

Hubs is missing Florida.

I have been dying to have cake for weeks. I gave in and made a Pumpkin Carrot Cake. You better believe we devoured an entire cake in one day.

This sleepy baby spent lots of time outside this weekend as well.

We had our second to last appointment today with the doctor, who said we have a perfect textbook pregnancy and baby so far! Fingers crossed for an easy delivery and last couple weeks. I am running around nesting like crazy, washing baseboards, organizing everything, and making sure the house feels 100% before she gets here! Thank you all for being so sweet and following us on our journey!

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