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Mila's Birth Story: Part One

Every single time I go to write this post, Mila wakes up from her nap. It doesn't matter if she's been asleep 5 minutes or 5 hours, she senses this post is in the works and refuses to let me finish it. So it has taken several attempts but I finally get to share my story with you all!

June 31, 2013. We went on a 'date night' and saw a movie, not knowing it would be our last movie alone for a longgggg time. 

July 1, 2013. I was having what I thought was false labor all night. I was having irritating cramping 5 minutes apart for a couple hours and couldn't sleep to save my life. So instead I was up on Google, looking up which celebrities birthdays were that day, just in case Mila would share the same birthday. I was sharing the good news that Robert Pattinson's birthday was that day with my mom and high school bestie. Little did I know that within the hour after those conversations ended we would be going to the hospital.
At 3:00 am I felt a "pop" and thought there was no way that was my water. But I stood up from bed to check, and sure enough, a HUGE gush of water came out. I kept reading that when your water breaks its like a cup of water, but I felt like I had buckets of water pouring out from the time it broke until she was born. I immediately woke up D and called my mom. We were both surprisingly really calm the whole time.

We drove 2 minutes to the hospital, and once we got into the delivery room, we found out even though I was contracting every 2 minutes that I was only 2cm dilated, so the doctor sent D home. Seriously, I am still FURIOUS about this. They sent me to another room to sleep until the contractions were painful enough. An hour or two later, they were painful enough and I called him to come back. I was not wanting to be in that much pain that early on and couldnt imagine how much worse it was going to get so at 2cm I had the epidural. 
FYI: Epidurals are amazing.

You go from this immense pain to feeling nothing at all. I didn't even feel them put it in. They had me try to walk after it was in....bad idea. I attempted to walk to the bathroom and right when I made it, I fell to the ground. It is so hard to explain how it feels when you cant feel your bottom half. Since I was unable to walk to the bathroom (go figure after getting an epidural) I had to get a catheter. Gross.

From that point it all went SO fast. I was dilating at the speed of light. It took about 2 hours to go from 2cm to 7cm. I was starting to get a fever I guess, and Mila's heartbeat was slowing down with every contraction so they said if I didnt feel the need to push soon then I would need an IV to speed things up. They raised my bed up and had my feet in stirrups to take blood from the babies head to make sure she was getting enough oxygen. I felt like a car being raised on a lift. It was ridiculous, and 4 people were staring into my crotch. All I remember is that it looked like he was putting a light bulb inside of me and 5 minutes later said she was fine.
The midwives had to leave the room for a second and said to call them in when I wanted to push. As soon as they walked out I felt like I had to push SO bad and they rushed back in. 

It took 30 minutes from the time I started pushing for her to come out. It was the CRAZIEST feeling. Not as painful as I'd imagined my entire life but it definitely hurt. I like to brag to my husband that I didn't cry once during the whole delivery. Champ right here. They had me laying on my side when I delivered and I was halfway off the side of the bed when I was done pushing. Everyone was laughing but I had no idea I was even moving around at that point in time. 

At 11:11am on July 1, 2013 Mila Harper was born.
(I am obsessed with 11:11. We were even married on 1/1/11 so once they told me what time it was, I couldn't believe it)
Once she was out, she didn't cry once. Not even a whine.

They placed her on my chest and she was holding her head up on her own, and looking around SO wide-eyed. For some reason I thought babies took a few hours to open their eyes? But she had the biggest, most beautiful eyes ever and they were staring right at me. She was and still is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.

The midwives were amazing and so calming. I can't imagine it going any smoother. I definitely had an easy delivery with her and I am so unbelievably grateful to have had such a good delivery experience and a healthy, gorgeous baby girl!
Now the hospital stay on the other hand...Let's just say Germans lose big time in this area. It was horrible. 
But I will save that for another post. 

We are falling in love with Mila more and more everyday. Whenever she is napping I miss her and I can't wait for when she wakes up every morning so I can see her smiling face. 

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