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Smiley Cyrus

This little baby of ours used to look like this. 
24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Seriously, for her first month of life she was never happy. Just quiet and serious or miserable.

We chalked it up to colic but I knew something was wrong.
Whenever she would eat she'd start fussing and the whole hour after eating she was crying.
She immediately got hiccups that seemed painful.
She would only eat small amounts at a time.
Eating was just miserable for her and I could tell.
So I started researching "silent reflux" in babies. Which is when they have acid reflux but it stays down in their tiny throats and stomach acid burns them almost all day long.
Most horrible thing ever for a baby to suffer through right?!
I got her on meds the next day and she has looked like this since day one taking them...

Her daddy calls her "Smiley Cyrus" and it makes her get the biggest grins on her face.
I have never seen anything cuter than this happy little baby.
P.S. totally had no idea Miley's nickname was Smiley and we thought we were so clever. But then a thousand people kept commenting about it :( at least our Smiley Cyrus just smiles and doesnt twerk all over Robin Thicke. eh?

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