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Working Out After Baby.

This should be titled 'Throwing Up After Baby' because that's exactly what happens when you work out for the first time in over 9 months. 

Seriously. I just finished day 3 and I want to vomit all over the place. Having a baby makes you more out of shape then I ever thought possible. Last time I did it, I remember week 1 being the hardest, it gets easier, and then week 4 you want to kill yourself again. Needless to say, I am looking forward to when this doesn't suck so bad! 

Jumping jacks after you push a baby out of your crotch? HA.
Peeing jacks is more like it. Every jump makes your bladder fall out of your body and I have to run to the bathroom after each set. Literally. 

Crunches? They burn like there's no tomorrow. You would think after carrying a baby in your stomach it would build some stomach muscle, not make it disappear completely.

Squats while doing dumbbell raises?! I couldn't stand up for the first 2 days. My butt and legs are still burning in agony but I can at least stand up from the couch by myself today. 

Mila also hates Jillian. She likes to watch me workout and judge me the whole time. The first day I swear she smirked and smiled the whole time like "HA my mom thinks she can workout, and will never do this again." 
Day 2 she got more serious and judged my form. Obviously that is what she is doing in this picture...

I do feel amazing when the workout is done, but they are the longest 20 minutes of my life. 
For those of you working out after baby, did you have the same issues? and for those of you who are pregnant right now, start working out a little so you aren't 100% out of shape like I was!! 
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