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Mom brain


When you have a baby and try to blog, es no bueno. It doesn't work.
(Having the cutest baby girl ever doesn't help)

The only thing you have that you would like to blog about is your baby and believe it or not,
no one else cares to hear about it nonstop. Especially if you're a reader and not a mom.
I remember passing up SO many 'mom blogs' before I was pregnant cuz I would see them and think "cool story bro." And then when you become a mom, your brain turns to mush and all you think about is your baby. 24 hours a day. And then your husband looks at you like you're an alien when you have misplaced almost every item in the house and can't remember where. 
I made a very scientific diagram of this mommy brain.

It takes over your life. Like remember when your husband offered to take you on a shopping spree for all new clothes once the baby got there....and then you spent the whole time buying baby clothes instead? True story. Every time we go into town I skip the women's sections and go straight for baby-ville. Girls or boys section, doesn't matter. Then you end up with a baby girl wearing a Batman t-shirt, paired with some sweatpants and a headband. Boom. On any sane person this outfit would be nuts, but on a baby, its the cutest thing ever.

And p.s. this stinker turned 100 days old the other day. and I ate that entire cake in one day. Cuz that hot body that you wanted back after the baby, that you swore you would work on everyday until it was perfect....doesn't matter anymore because that cutie baby needs your attention all day and Jillian Michael's must wait. (In my case she has waited 4 months but who's counting?)

Do you guys even remember that I live in Germany of all places. There are castles and festivals galore, yet instead I flood instagram with pictures of my baby. Cuz I can. and it's all I care about. Pretty sure this is the first picture I have posted other than the baby in 4 months.

But why post that when you can post this? I die. Look at that cuteness.

All you mamas and not-yet-mamas out there, what are your thoughts on this? 
Definitely going to start trying to blogg more and taking photos of things other than Mila, 
but I can't promise anything.

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