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A quick update and Modcloth

I know I have been completely MIA lately and have so much to update you guys on very soon! We recently got back from a month long trip in the states, visiting family, pretty much living at Target, and sharing all of our favorite places with Mila. We are HATING being back in Germany's horribly gloomy weather when we just came from the sunny, 80 degree paradise we love so much.

To make us feel a little better we have been online shopping....a lot. Like a lot a lot. Most of it is "window shopping" for me since my birthday is coming up, and I have my eyes on several things from Modcloth. The clothes are SO affordable and thanks to Polyvore I have been putting outfits together that I can totally see myself living in for the rest of this freezing winter season.

Winter Classy Comfort

Winter Classy Comfort by whisktangofox 

Can't wait to catch up with all of you soon! Hope you had a wonderful New Years!

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