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Life happened.

I don't know when or how it happened, but the more I had going on in my life, the less I had to write about on this blog.
We have been traveling and Mila has been growing and learning nonstop, and I have been wanting to share it but things that I think are worth writing about don't ever translate well once I start typing. I never wanted to turn into a baby blog with just one topic. I loved being able to write a little bit of everything and coming up with new recipes, fashion posts, and anything else I wanted. But when you have a baby your world just revolves around that all of a sudden and nothing else matters.

Like I could tell you about how Mila has pooped in the bathtub almost every night this week. And not like a poop that I could scoop out, but tiny little pieces that spread all throughout the water and before I can get to them, Mila is trying to catch them in her mouth.
Or how she ate two entire eggs, a cup of spinach, and two slices of ham the other morning and I could have cried I was so proud. Every time she actually EATS and half of it isn't on the floor I am ecstatic.
Or how I switched her bottles to sippy cups and she didn't even act phased one bit. Bottles were gone in one day. How awesome is she?!

These are the type of things I would go to share but then if I went to someone else's blog and saw these stories daily I would look a lot like this

And then just move onto a more exciting blog. Things just aren't as interesting when its not your kid. But after almost a year break and Mila becoming less of a baby and more of a toddler, I feel like I can come back and have the blog I want. Back to travel posts, food, some fashion, and a few toddler poop stories here and there...

Oh, and here is a cute picture of Mila because how can I resist?!

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